Simclan Designphilosophie

Design philosophy

Simclan – for women with a mind of their own and a passion for uncomplicated, individual fashion!

We offer refreshing nonchalance with refined styling.

Extravagant and fastidious styles can be combined however you like. Casual, romantic, sporty and feminine at the same time, the models in our collections are optimally suited to those everyday and special moments in life.

Simclan creates distinctive fashion with sophisticated cuts, high-quality materials, predominantly in natural fibres – and the desire for beauty in everyday life.

The looks are without exception natural and casual. They offer each and every woman the opportunity to develop her own personal Simclan style.

The interplay of various surfaces and structures with detailed applications or special colourations is an integral element in each of our collections.

Simclan lives out a marked passion for innovations and experiments – also where material is concerned. Elaborate fabric patches, embroideries, prints and piece-dyeing create a touch of vintage in the collection.